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The Province of Bangalore came into existence on 19th March 1979. The Province, comprising of two states (Kerala and three-fourth of Karnataka) has made a marvelous growth in the past years. The province is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. At present there are 351 members in the Sacred Heart Province of Bangalore who reach out to the poorest of the poor through more than 50 centres spread over the states of Karnataka and Kerala. We become messengers of hope and channels of God’s love to the thousands of poor people which is realized through our Mission Centres, Parishes, Trade Schools, Child Rehabilitation Centres, Youth Centres, Social Work Centres, and our Shelters for the Children on the Street.


Holiness – A Gift Available to All
Influenced by his devotion to St. Francis de Sales, Don Bosco’s understanding of holiness is, ‘as a gift from the God which is available to all, no matter what their circumstances or age.’

Youth Ministry

The Salesian Youth Ministry is an integral part of the Salesian Spirituality, in relation to Don Bosco, his pedagogy. We aim to help young people progress in knowledge, understanding and sharing of the values and recommendations of Salesian Youth Spirituality.


Serve the other in holy joy, volunteering is an opportunity to give yourself to the needy world in confidence and courage. Volunteering also gives individuals the chance to explore avenues that would not usually be open to them.


These are some of the projects that are happening in our Province. I hope and pray that we will be able to find enough funds for all these. You can be sure that many needy youngsters would benefit from your generosity.

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Kerala – Activities

  • Colleges – 6
  • Schools – 6
  • Skill Training Centres – 17
  • Community Development Centres – 4
  • Boarding and Orphanages – 6
  • Rehabilitation Centres (for street children) – 2


Karnataka – Activities

  • Colleges – 2
  • Schools – 5
  • Skill Training Centres – 12
  • Community Development Centres – 13
  • Rehabilitation Centres (for street children and child labourers) – 11
  • Don Bosco

    “Young people must not only be loved; but they must know they are loved. He who knows he is loved and he who loves obtains everything, especially from the young.”

  • Don Bosco

    “Give me souls, Take away the rest.”

  • Don Bosco

    “For you I study, for you I work, for you I live and for you I am willing to give my life.”