Naadopasana at Vennala
2014, a flute (pullankuzhal) recital by Sri Cherthala Rajesh (flute) and Sri Wilson K.X (keyboard) was organized by DB Academy of Music and Fine Arts on August 15.  It was the 3rd musical programme of the year by the Music Academy.  The programme began at 6.30 pm with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by Fr. Rector, Fr. Yashin, Sri Cherthala Rajesh, Sri K.X. Wilson and Savio Manuel (student representative) together with the chant, Asatoma sath gamaya. Fr. Joyce Thonikuzhiyil, the Rector, welcomed the gathering.

Sri Rajesh and Sri Wilson commenced their recital with the famous Malayalam devotional, Dhaiva sneham varnicheedaan.  It was followed by the hymn Nithya Vishudhayaam.  The 3rd piece was a Carnatic classical Vaathaapi in Hamsadwani raga.  They played a number of old and new Malayalam melodies which really moved the audience.  The songs they played on the stage brought into the minds of the listeners, memories of a number of famous Music Directors, Music Masters, and singers.  Manjal prasaadavum, Alliyaambal,Ola njaali kuruvi etc. were some of the ever green melodies they played.  The other hit songs included: Ormmakal, Kannaam thumbi poraamo, Vennila chandhana kinnam, Onnaam kili, Anjali Anjali, Malarkale, Aaro viral, Edari veezhuvaan  and Omana thingal kidaavo.  They concluded the programme with Vandhe Mathram which created patriotic feelings in the audience.  Fr. Yashin proposed the vote of thanks and Fr. Rector honoured the artists by giving them the mementos.

The whole programme was very touching.  The artistes did portray Iswara Bhakthi, Guru Bhakthi and Sngeetha Bhakthi through the melodies they presented.  Nadopasana 2014 was made into a real Sangeetha upasana by the artistes in every sense.  The audience consisting of the students of DB Cultural Centre, DB IGACT, DB Academy, religious from the neighbouring communities, well-wishers and music lovers were taken through a sangeetha yaathra (a musical journey) throughout.

Sri Cherthala Rajesh is an acknowledged pullankuzhal artiste who has played flute for more than 100 movies.  The latest movies in which he has played are Monklish and Vikramaadithyan.  He has also played for the movies Ozhimuri – music by Bijibal (state award for background score) and Kaliyachan – music by Bijibal (National Award for back ground score).  He has played flute for the programmes of Sri Hariharan, Sri S.P. Balasubrahmanyam and K.S. Chitra.

Sri Wilson K.X, a sought after keyboard artiste, is a past student of Don Bosco, Vennala (one of the very 1st batches).  He is much indebted to Fr. Philip Thyil, the founder father of Don Bosco Cultural Centre, Vennala, who had taken every care to promote Wilson when he was a student at our centre. Sri Wislon had the privilege of being trained under Sri Job Master, the silent musician, who has a number of songs to his credit. Alliyambal is a hit song of Sri Job Master.

Everyone present was very appreciative of the programme.  Nadopasana 2014 will ever remain fresh in the history of Don Bosco Cultural Centre, Vennala.