In the first ever combined meeting in Bangalore Province of the Heads of the Provincial Commissions and those confreres in-charge of the four dimensions of Salesian Educative Pastoral Project (SEPP), 17 confreres gathered at the Provincial House at 09.00 on June 30 to give final touches to the Actions Plans of the 13 Provincial Commissions for the year 2010-11. It was 100% attendance. The meeting had been well prepared for by the prior meetings of all the commissions in which they had formulated their action plans. In today’s meeting, the Heads of the Commissions presented their respective Action Plans on which the other participants sought clarification, pointed out some improvement, checked for possible overlap, looked into areas of cooperation, examined areas of difficulties in implementation, etc. The presence of those in-charge of the dimensions was reassuring. Later in the day, the Provincial Council met to give final approval to the action plans. As soon as the modifications suggested have been incorporated, the action plans will be made available to the communities of the province for execution.

In the light of the letter of the Rector Major on Salesian Youth Ministry, every effort was made to keep the four dimensions of Salesian Educative Project clear in mind and attempt their realisation in every pastoral setting. As no specific structure had been followed in the formulation of action plans, no uniformity has been maintained. However, it is hoped that this will be rectified by next year. It is envisaged that evaluation of the action plans of this year and the formulation of the action plans for the next year will be completed already in the months of April-May 2011.