January 14th, 2010 
Sub: Allotment of Brothers for Ministry during the Summer, 2010 
Dear Fr. Rector/I.C.,
Greetings from Don Bosco Provincial House, Bangalore.
It is salutary that we take forward the customary special programmes for children and youth during the summer months.  They are to be organized primarily by the confreres of the local communities/presences.  May I reiterate that these should not be left to be organized by brothers from the studentates of theology and philosophy.  Besides, most of the students of philosophy have their BA exams during April – May.  As such their availability is dependent on the schedules of university exams.  They will have to report by May 20th for the renewal of their religious profession. Brothers, few as they are, can only supplement the initiatives of the communities.
Kindly indicate clearly your requirements for assistance from brothers.  Brothers will be better prepared if the nature of assistance is known early.  They can be better distributed too if the period (exact dates and month) is known.  It is the Rector/I.C. who makes the request for brothers, irrespective of the department for which brothers are being asked.  The Rector/I.C. is also responsible for forwarding to the Vice-Provincial a report about the presence and performance of the brothers.  While it may not be possible to meet completely every community’s requirement, effort will be made to meet the requirements, to the best of possibilities.
As per the Provincial Economic Directory (II, B, 6), the local communities will meet the expenses of the return journeys.  They are not to provide brothers with gifts in cash or kind.
With every good wish,
Fr K.O. Thomas SDB
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