Padivayal December 08Hail, Full of Grace: chiming with the cosmic choir, the Novices of DB Padivayal composed an ode to the Immaculate Virgin along with the angelic beauties on 8th December. The day gave the message: to shed the way of evil and to put on the armour of light (Rom 8:13). Mary presents herself as a model for the plummeting human race who cries along with St. Augustine: ‘My sin is incurable as I think I am not a sinner’. The day showcases the changeless super-eminence of divinity over all things mutable: “for God, nothing is impossible”. The Novices celebrated this feast with a solemn Mass, serenade and a solemn lunch – all in honour of the spotless flower. Everything arrayed as beads of a beautiful rosary. The Serenade was replete with Marian praises resonating with multi-linguistic hymns. It reminded all of the ‘prophesy’ made by Mary herself: “from now on all generation shall call me blessed.” Throughout her life, until her last ordeal on mount Calvary, the unwavering flick of faith that she preserved authenticated the title ‘Immaculate’. The sinless Eve shines as a torch held high. Fr. Master exhorted all to be angles of purity and apostles of charity.

Bro Augustine SDB