Teachers of 36 Study Centers of CHITHRA had a half day animation in the CHITHRA Training Hall on 29th May. The teachers serving 1500 children in the villages were motivated for social action and helping children in their studies. About 40 teachers were animated by the CHITHRA Staff headed by Fr. Manu sdb. Fr. Anil D’sa sdb was introduced to the staff and was given the charge as the new director of CHITHRA. It was also an occasion to celebrate the birthday of Fr CM Jose, the Rector and Manager of Don Bosco (Chithradurga) at CHITHRA level. The Rector exhorted the staff to cooperate with the new director and try innovative ways to get involved in the lives of the villagers. “I am pleased to be back in CHITHRA, a house of loving hearts and innovative minds” said the new Director of CHITHRA and assured to do his best in carrying out the task encrusted to him. At 3.00 pm the meeting came to a happy end with a sumptuous meal.
Fr Anil D’Sa SDB