The Annual Evaluation of BOSCO was held at BOSCO Yuvodaya, Bangalore on June 14 and 15, 2017. Fr. Mathew Thomas, Executive Director, BOSCO, Bangalore, said that BOSCO has completed thirty-seven years in the service of the poor and marginalized children and youth. He thanked and congratulated the staff and volunteers for the service that they render in the field of child care and protection. Inaugurating the programme, Narmada Anand, Project Director, ICPS, Bangalore, said that the data of BOSCO is an eye opener. It has opened up new avenues for research. Even though the numbers are big, the concerted efforts of BOSCO have resulted in opening the eyes of the Government in confronting various issues.

The activities of twenty-eight departments were evaluated on the basis of the reports presented. Major events and activities to be organized during the year were planned. The birthday of BOSCO and birthdays of some of the staff were celebrated on the occasion. All the new staff, Fr. Rubin and Bro. Christy were welcomed and introduced to BOSCO Bangalore. The staff members who were newly married, were felicitated. All the managing directors of BOSCO and staff were present for the programme.

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