Children have always been the concern of society. This concern has been addressed and expressed in many ways. Progress has been reckoned in terms of care for the health, education, and emotional and social well-being of children. Laws and policies have been enacted to protect the needs of children as well as to ensure that their rights are fulfilled. Particular attention has been directed towards the vulnerable, those who lack the “safety net” of the family or are placed in circumstances that place them at risk. Considering all these life-giving factors, Don Bosco, Hospet observed Anti Child Labour day on 12th June 2010 in collaboration with the Government, NGOs and school students from Hospet. Mr. B.S. Nayak (District Judge) lit the lamp and inaugurated the programme at 10.30 am. Many officials like Mr. Hosamani pundalik (Higher Civil Judge), Mr. Krishnaprasad Rao Kalmadi, (Civil Judge and Secretary for Lawyers’ Committee, Hospet Taluk), Mr. P.S. Manjunatha (Thahasildhar Hospet), Mr. Khadervali (Advocate), Mr.A. Karunanidhi (Advocate and in-charge for Labour Union), Mr.Ramakrishna (Labour Inspector at Hospet) and many other Governmental and Non-Governmental officials were present. The programme took off with a prayer dance by the Children from Don Bosco, Makkala Mane. The entertainment programme performed by children and the inspiring talks given by various officials about children and their life situation enriched the audience. The programme concluded with lunch at 2.00 pm.
Fr KD Varghese SDB