In the senate meeting of the Archdiocese of Bangalore, held on February 15, 2010, Most Rev Dr Bernard Moras (Archbishop of Bangalore) acclaimed the lead taken by the parish of Lourdunagara in forming Annual Pastoral Plan 2010 and getting it circulated in printed form. The handbook contains the names of the members of the pastoral committee and the finance committee, the office-bearers of the pious associations, the names of Basic Christian Communities, their leaders and the time of their monthly meetings, the commissions in-charge of various services in the parish, annual calendar, the names and address of families under each family unit, the days of the Anniversary celebrations of each unit, the dates on which the units are to lead cleaning of the church and the liturgy, and the time-schedule of common parish activities. Rev Fr CP Varghese SDB (Parish Priest) and the parish committee deserve congratulations for their initiative, presented by the Archbishop, as a model in the Archdiocese of Bangalore.

The parish has to its credit another praiseworthy lead. Similar to the familiar devotional practice of the Way of the Cross, another devotional practice in the spirit of Easter, spreading in the Church, is the Way of the Light. In the premises of the church of Our Lady of Lourdes, Lourdu Nagara, the statues of the fourteen stations of the Way of the Light have been constructed, blessed and placed. A special service of the Way of the Light is being held every Sunday during the Easter season. An Audio CD in Kannada titled, Belakina Haadi, and a booklet too by the same title have been brought out. The church is becoming a popular pilgrim centre.