– 1997, Opening

The movement was initiated in Karnataka under the leadership of Fr Sunny Uppan the then secretary of the Province youth commission. In most of the Salesian settings neighbourhood youth groups were formed, and were named as Don Bosco Youth Movement (Bosco Yuva Sanchalana).


The region of Karnataka Bosco youth is divided into into 5 Zones namely Bangalore, Chitradurga, Mysore, Hassan and Yadgiri. BYS Karnataka animates youth at unit, zonal and regional levels. It has a State Executive Team (SET) at the state level, Zonal Executive Team (ZET) at the onal Level, Local Executive Team (LET) at the Local Unit Level.
At present there are 30 youth groups at Various Salesian presences of Karnataka Region. The numbers of youth registered are 1,050.


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The movement is open to all – no religion or gender barriers. It is for youth aged from 16 – 30 years who are not married.

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To give a group experience and to inculcate values in the children aged between and ten-fourteen years, Bosco Kids (BK) was formed through the help of Fr. Joe Fernandez in November 2007. Bosco Kids is open to children in Salesian and non- Salesian centres, schools, boarding houses, establishing a spirit of companionship among them. They are driven by the spirit of Don Bosco: freedom, joy, optimism, love and friendship.

BOSCO Kids is a movement started in 2007 for children aged between 11 – 15 years.

It inculcates values among the children and gives them a group experience. 

BOSCO is an acronym for Brave, Outstanding Sociable Compassionate Obedient.

How Do We Operate? 

In a group (Unit) there will be 20 – 30 children. Each unit will have an animator. The members of this movement are given a diary in which they write daily 4things

  • One good deed that they have done
  • One ability they tried to improve
  • One thing that they would like to thank God for
  • One person that they would like to pray for

Every week they are given a theme to put into practice and reflect on. Once a week they come together for a meeting together with their animator.

Every month they take part in a talent expression activity like painting, essay, drawing, etc… for which they are given a certificate of appreciation.

Once a year representatives come together for a state level annual convention.

Teachers and the leaders are given training in the beginning of the academic year. Christmas time they come together for a mid-year animation.

At present, there are 93 centres have BOSCO Kids units. There are about 6,000 Children registered in this movement throughout Karnataka.

Some of the regular Features of the movements are;

PSALM – Programme for School Animators, Leaders &Mentors

CHAMPS – Camp for Holistic Action and Mind Power among Students

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A movement started in 2007 for children aged between 11 – 15 years

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