In the first of the annual meetings of brothers in Practical Training and College Studies, a record number of 32 from the length and breadth of Kerala and Karnataka participated. Two clerics of Dimapur Province, studying in Bangalore, also joined the animation programme held on July 31 and August 01. Faithful to PC XI mandate, on the first day the brothers were animated on JJ Act, RTE Act and Human and Child Rights. An Action Plan suited to the level of formees was also drafted. The events of the second Day began with the Holy Eucharist, presided over by Fr Provincial. In the first session of the day, brothers reviewed their current stage of formation and shared significant aspects in groups. In the second session, the Provincial and the Provincial Economer addressed the participants on issues relevant to the phase of formation. After planning the rest of their animation programmes during the year, the meeting came to a close with an early tea. Brothers appreciated the programme and affirmed that they benefited from the same.