The CFCA Residential Summer Camp 2010 began at Don Bosco, Hospet on May 03, 2010, with 65 youngsters, chilling themselves to beat the heat waves of northern Karnataka. The admissions are open for students above 8th standard to Graduation level. The camp will conclude on May 13, 2010. The Camp is being animated by Fr. Plavilayil Tony and Br. Dominic Dinesh. The activities of the camp are made attractive with an hour of Yoga class daily by Pathanjali Yoga Samithi and Martial arts by well qualified persons. The children are offered special classes in topics such as personality development, career guidance, study methods, mathematics and sex education along with regular classes in English. The campus has become very lively these days with lot of youngsters benefiting from the courses offered at the camp. Along with all these the youngsters do enjoy variety entertainment every day.
Bro Dinesh SDB