Don Bosco Child Labour Mission has been involved and has been contributing our might in creating a society where the most deprived and neglected child can become a fully developed person through education. And we have developed multi pronged strategies to achieve this goal. Besides our regular programmes this year we were able to restore 32 street children to their homes. We have launched a website for Missing Children’s Search in collaboration with the Women and Child Development Department namely that of
It gives us a lot of satisfaction and fulfilment to affirm that 170 of our past students are doing their university studies. And looking at the figures we feel a certain amount of satisfaction and a sense of fulfilment for having achieved something in the lives of these little ones. For the first time three of our past students are doing their Bachelor of Social Work Degree (BSW).

Sl Educational course Boys Girls Total
1 1st Year PUC 16 13 29
2 1st Year ITI 04 04
3 1st Year B.A 21 16 37
4 1st Year B.B.M 01 01 02
5 1st Year B.Com 01 02 03
6 1st Year B.S.W – 02 02
7 1st Year Nursing(GNM) 02 02
8 1st Year Para Medical 01 1
9 2nd Year PUC 31 24 55
10 2nd Year ITI 08 08
11 2nd Year B.A 03 02 05
12 2nd Year B.B.M 01 02 03
13 2nd Year B.Com 02 02
14 2nd Year B.S.W 01 01
15 2nd Year Poly Tech 03 – 03
16 3rd Year ITI 02 02
17 2nd Year D.Ed 03 01 04
18 3rd Year Nursing (GNM) 01 01
19 Those who
Completed ITI
and working In different
places in 2009-10 03 – 03
20 Those who Completed
Nursery Teacher Training
and working
In different
places in 2010 – 03 03

Total No. of children 100 70 170

“Children do not figure on an average Indian’s lists of priorities since in an environment where poverty and deprivation threaten the very existence of the disempowered, schooling of children is of secondary importance”.* 2 (P.L Vishweshwer Rao, Professor, Osmania University, Hyderabad).

In our effort to create a society “fit for children” where every child has a safe and secure environment we have to face many hurdles. We have to encounter forces that support us and that oppose us. In spite of these hurdles, DBCLM will always strive to create a society fit for children.
Fr Sonychen SDB