1. Children’s Day Programme by Self Help GroupsHospet Children's DayDon Bosco, Hospet has got 250 Self Help Groups (SHG). These groups are divided into 7 Maha Sanghas. Each Maha sangha consists of 30-35 sanghas. And each sangha has 15-20 members. Each Maha sangha organized children’s day progammes, and gave prizes to the children. 550 children happily took part in these programmes. SHG members were also generous to give the participants some snacks.  These programmes were conducted November 7, 8 and 15, 2009. It was interesting to note that important people like ward councilors, the Health Department, etc were also involved in the programmes.

2. Children’s Day Progamme in Tent School

Hospet Tent SchoolDon Bosco Hospet has 5 Camp schools in the mining area. On November 12, from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm, Children’s Day programmes were celebrated in Don Bosco campus. The children were very happy to see the good atmosphere in Don Bosco and to participate in all the cultural activities and games. They really displayed their talents that day through singing, dancing and sports programmes. Labour inspectors, officials from BEO office and NCLP dept came for the concluding function. They really appreciated the work which Don Bosco is doing for people, youth, and children, especially in the mining areas. And they were very happy to distribute prizes to the children. Children were very happy with the delicious food and evening snacks provided by Don Bosco.

3. Makkala Mane (Children’s Home) and Snehalaya (Home of Love) in collaboration with CFCA childrenHospet Bridge SchoolOn November 16, Don Bosco, Hospet celebrated children’s day for bridge school children (Makkala Mane and Snehalaya) in collaboration with CFCA sponsored children. The programme was from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm.  Guests from Labour, Education and NCLP Departments, who graced the occasion, were surprised to see the performance of bridge school children.  170 children participated in the programme.

4. Training programme for the StaffHospet SeminarMr. Sudheer Babu from NIMHANS, Bangalore conducted Three day Training Programme (October 21 to 23, 2009) for the social staff. It was about Family Enriching Life.  The 28 staff members who took part benefited from the programme as they face problems in their own families as well as in working places.  The second batch, consisting of 15 staff members, was offered the course from November 3 to 5. Everybody got an opportunity to interact and to involve in the programme.

5. Health Checkup for Bridge school

healthcheckupOn November 18 the Bridge School children had an opportunity to undergo health checkup and 61 children, below 12 years, received antibiotic injections.

6. Sports Day in DB Tech

Don Bosco Tech conducted Sports Day programme for the technical school students on November 7, 2009. Students enjoyed the day: running race, shot-put, javelin-throw, long-jump, high-jump, discus-throw etc.Hospet DB Tech

7. Quiz Programme in DB Tech

On November 21st Don Bosco Tech, Hospet conducted Quiz Competition for the students of the technical school. It was conducted by Fr. Henry, Principal of Don Bosco Tech, with the help of Bro. Johnson and the staff.  Nearly 100 students participated.

Fr. Varghese Koottungal SDB

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