Training Programme for the Village Animators

On 9th February, 25 staff members (village animators) came together from 9am – 12am in Don Bosco, Hospet in order to learn and to implement Children’s Club in Government schools which will enable children to perform their studies better and also influence the Government, get their rights and improve the quality of their education and facilities in their existing schools. Mr. Manjunath from Don Bosco, Davangere was the resource person. He was very efficient in communicating to the staff about the child rights club. Everybody appreciated his approach and the method of communication.

Training Programme for the SHG Leaders

On 9th February, 160 SHG (Self Help Groups) leaders underwent a training programme on leadership quality. It was from 12 (noon) to 5 pm. The resource person was Mr. Manjunath from Don Bosco, Davangere. Participants were immensely happy to have such a leadership training programme and they learned many new things which will enable them to animate their groups more effectively. They were really happy with the resource person as well as grateful to Don Bosco for organizing such a programme for them.

Don Bosco Volley Ball Tournament and Dance Competition

Don Bosco is God’s gift to the world, especially the poor. In fact the face of Don Bosco was fashioned by God to instill confidence, especially in the young. Don Bosco desired to permeate each of his settings with a positive ambience of serene friendship, where every young person would feel at ease. In order to realize this communion and friendship Don Bosco, Hospet invited various groups, associations, schools, colleges and institutions of Hospet Taluk to a Volleyball Tournament and a Dance competition. Fr. Henry Galbaw and his team organized the Volley ball tournament on 12th February and gave away the Don Bosco Cup and cash award for the winners. On 13th February, 16 groups grabbed the opportunity to participate in the Dance competition. This was organized by Fr. Tony Varghese and his team. A good number of people were happy to witness and encourage this event. Don Bosco, Hospet is grateful to the people who sponsored cash award and Trophy for the youngsters who took part in the programme.

Entertainment Programme for SHG women

Presently Don Bosco, Hospet has got 250 SHGs (Self Help Groups) consist of 3800 women. These groups are divided into seven Maha Sanghas. Each Maha Sangha wanted to organize entertainment programme in order to prepare themselves for International Women’s day which take places on 8th March. So we organized a variety of entertainment programme (Speech competition, singing competition, musical chair, passing the ball, Rangoli, Lemon & Spoon Race, Bombing the city etc) on 20th and 21st February. This programme boosted their involvement in the activities of International women’s day.

Fr KD Varghese SDB\