A girl child was found abandoned in the train at night around 1 am on 16th June 2010 by the Ernakulam South Railway Police. Immediately they contacted the toll free number 1098 and the staff members, Mr. Linoj and Mr. Santhosh Chinna, from Don Bosco Sneha Bhavan Annexe rushed to the spot.
Since the child was found lean, malnourished and unhealthy, she was taken to the nearby Gov. Hospital. After the initial medical checkup she was taken to Vatsalya Bhavan, a project of Don Bosco Sneha Bhavan, Palluruthy and Cochin Corporation, for street girl children and girl children who are in extreme situations of danger. Recently the honourable High court Judge, Mr. Thottathil Radhakrsinan, had inaugurated an ‘Ammathottil’ under the auspices of Cochin Corporation in the premises of Vatsalya Bhavan, the Balikasadanam of Cochin Corporation. The mutual agreement is that the infants who will be placed in this cradle will be looked after by the ‘Valsallyam Sisubhavan’ run by the Sisters of Nazareth.
Being the first arrival at the ‘ammathottil’, at vatsalya Bhavan, the event called for a celebration. Prof. Mercy Williams (Mayor) along with her family; Aji Francis (Local councilor), Child Line staff, Sr. Joyce, Sr. Divya, were present to handover the child to Sr. Rani, the sister in-charge of Sisubhavan. Though the 14 inmates of Vatsalya bahvan were only too eager to receive the baby as one of their own and had named the child as Diya, they had sadly to say good bye to the event- maker.
Fr Antony P