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Education Programmes

Supporting the School and college education of youth, especially the poor students, street children and marginalized youth and thus give them a hope and a future. Offering educational support by free tuition classses and guided study programmes to the needy students.


Youth Hostel & Boarding

Providing better care and protection by ensuring a holistic and congenial atmosphere with essential amnities for education and rehabilitation of  youth,  especially poor students, street children, marginalized and migrant youth. 


Development Projects

Contributing to the on going mission of Social development and reaching out to rural areas to provide much needed developmental initiatives.


Mission Stations & Missionaries

Supporting parishes and  mission stations and catering to the welfare of the missionaries.


Medical Aid Programmes

Offering medical aid  in remote areas and rural settings , organising medical camps and providing  financial assistance to meet the medical expenses of those who are deserving. 


Seminarian Burse – Sponsorship Starter

Sponsoring the education of  Seminarians preparing for Priesthood and Consecrated life.

Youth Animation

Enabling youth to be agents of social change through various self awareness programmes, group dynamics, reachout activites and career guidance.


Women Empowerment

Empowering women towards self-reliance and self- employment by forming Co-operatives, Self Help Groups, organising training programmes and providing financial support for entrepreneurship.


Programmes for child labourers & street children

Care and protection, Education and rehabilitation of Child Labourers, Street children, emarginated youth and young at Risk.


Skill Training & Placement Services

Providing vocational training and skill development to unemployed youth and enabling them to earn their living.