9th September, 2017 is a red lettered day in the annals of St. Antony’s Athicode; it was on this day the EXIT-2017 (EXCELLENCE IN TALENTS) for the children from 5th to college students of Soraparai Deanery was organised and hosted by the Parish in collaboration with SMSSS.  Inaugurating the Programme, Rev. Fr. Charles CPPS, Assistant Parish Priest of St. Francis Xavier Church, Palaniyarpalayam called upon the children to bring out their talents in a competitive spirit, he emphasized that participation was more important than winning.  More than 400 children from the nearby parishes participated in the 4 competitions (Pookalam, Group Song, Group dance and street Play).  The Parish youth put in their heart and soul and the parishioners went out of their way in order to make this programme a grand success.  There was joy all over the place, for it was an opportunity to gather all the children to expose their talents in a sportive manner, most of the parish priests of the deanery paid visit to encourage their children; the programme being part of the ONAM Celebration ONA SADYA was served to all.  The overall championship was bagged by St. Stanislaus Church, Walayar.  The Parishioners, Youth both boys and girls, well wishers went out of their way to contribute in cash and kind.  The medals and certificates were distributed by SMSSS. Fr. Prince Robert congratulated all the Parish Priests for their initiative to send the children, the children for bringing out their hidden talents in a creative and innovative way and the organisers for the smooth running and for the sacrifices undergone to make the programme a grand success. The parish Priest Fr. Aloysius sdb the organiser of the programme thanked one and all for participation and co-operation extended to make EXCELLENCE IN TALENTS-2017 a memorable one.

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