From YadagiriOctober 02, 2009

It was a normal night for all of us here and at 10.30 p.m. we all went to bed. At 11.00 I woke up, hearing the loud sound of air gushing in the water pipes, but I did not take it very seriously. Then by 11.10 Fr. John called out Fr. Regi and said, water was coming into the rooms, but that too we did not take it seriously as water had been coming from the terrace and we thought that Fr John was speaking about that. After a few minutes Fr John made more noise and said, it was a flood; and then Fr Regi got up and called me. As there was no light I came out with a torch and saw water already entering on the corridor. We rushed to the rooms and took whatever we could and threw them to the top of the cupboards. Within 10 minutes water level in the rooms reached 2.5 ft. and so we rushed to the terrace. As it was raining we could not stay long on the terrace, and so we came down and saw water still rising.  So by 11.30 we decided to move to the college where we could stay on first floor. We took some clothes for changing and moved to the college, walking across the playground, and then the water level on the playground was above our chest level. As soon as we reached the college we found that water had entered all the offices and we rushed to the offices and removed whatever documents we could remove from there. Then in the rain we made a visit to the hostel to find out the situation there; on the way we found that two ladies, our cook and the sweeper, with two children, were still in the farm house, and so we took them to the hostel, carrying the children on our shoulders, and met the sisters and hostellers there and came back to the college and waited for the dawn. In morning we found that nobody was coming to our rescue. So we rang up to the police station and to our staff members. Only with our phone calls did the people outside come to know about the flood. At once the police, the fire force, officers and leaders came to the site. They brought country boats and evacuated all the girls and sisters from our hostel to another hostel.  Our A.C arranged food and accommodation for them. By evening the water subsided and we started moving around.  As 3 ft. water remained in our rooms and offices for hours we suffered great loss, by way of books and equipments.Yadagiri Floods (1)

 Fr Sunny Thuruthiyil, SDB

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