KGF Brotherhood dayDon Bosco Technical Institute, K.G.F. celebrated Gandhi Jayanthi as Brotherhood Day.  The event, for convenience, was solemnized on October 5.  The celebration took off with about ten minute long meditation in silence.  This was followed by speeches by four students on various aspects of the life of Gandhiji – his childhood days, the time spent in S. Africa, his leadership role in Indian independence movements, and his relevance for today.  Representatives of staff and students then sung in unison the song, Raghupati Raaghava Sita Ram.  Fr KO Thomas, the Vice-Provincial, who was present on the occasion, in his message described the mission of Don Bosco as the teaching of the beauty of virtue and the ugliness of sin, and highlighted brotherhood or sisterhood as one of the virtues to be proudly nurtured in all Don Bosco institutions.

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