Play 1Don Bosco College (Aluva), being the Year of Priests, staged Go, Rekindle Ars, a harmonious blending of acting, music and dance.  This play, presented on the occasion of the annual community day, was conceived, composed and presented by the college.  Fr Previnth Joe Tony was the director and Bros Dickson and Edwin, the assistant directors.  The musical drama brought to the audience the story of John Mary Vianney.  The melody and variety in music, the quick succession of scenes, and the melodious choir not only thrilled but also inspired the audience, numbering over 250 people each on October 10 & 11.PLAY 2

The theme song was the following:

But you’re the potter, I the clay; Moulding my life with utmost care,

I did not choose you, but you chose me; He I am, O Potter, the clay.Play 3

Thomas Koonan, SDB

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