Aluva OnamIt all began with the colourful and scintillating road show and the fancy dress competition on the 1st of september, that mesmerised the streets of Kezhmadu, Edayappuram, Choondy, Thottumugham and Chunangamveli in Aluva. Mr. TT George, Councillor (Aluva municipality) and Fr. Stephen Mukkattil (Parish Priest, SH Church, Keezhmadu) flagged of the rally. Mr. Ramesh (Panchayat Member) gave away the prizes in the absence of the Panchayat President. The youngsters were in action again on the 2nd and 3rd of the same month. 138 youngsters and children took part in the Onam Sadhya arranged specifically for the youth centre members. Onam games added more colour and fun to the celebration. Don Bosco, Aluva was filled with youngsters on that auspicious day when they remembered the just ruler promoting brotherhood and prosperity. Kabadi, Vadamvali and the final of the football tournament organized for the members in connection with Onam were conducted the same day. The youth centre is a power house. Onam was one occasion when the youth of Keezhmadu exhibited their unity even among differences. Members, young and not so young joined their hands in preparing the Onam Sadhya, pookalam and the road show. Sacrifices in the form of investment of money, sleep, time and energy for a common cause was the high point of the celebration that promoted brotherhood.

Aluva Onam FancyAluva Mahabali

Aluva Onam Road Show

 Fr. Binu Scaria, SDB

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