Diocese of Bellary

Establishment Year 1985


Don Bosco Hospet strives towards upliftment of the underprivileged through education and social interventions and enables people to be agents of their own development and transformation

The Salesian presence in Hospet was established in 1987 and the Vocational Educational Programme took off in 1989. The Centre for Social Action(DBCSA) was simultaneously initiated for the welfare of the neighbourhood people. The first intervention was on behalf of the patients suffering from Hansen’s disease as well as the beginning of the Youth Centre (1992-94).
In 1994 the Don Bosco Child Labour Mission was launched. Don Bosco, Hospet served as a co-ordination centre for several activities, prominent among them being a Government-initiated research survey on the problem of child labour, a two-year action research involving 14 NGOs in 3 of the South Indian States, executed as part of an international effort, and the research, “Qualifying the Unqualified”.
The launching of educational programmes and research projects like Kannada Open School (1996), Vocational Training Programme accredited by the National Open School [NOS](1998), called Don Bosco Professional Academy(DBPA) were exclusively envisaged for the upliftment and qualification of illiterate people and school dropouts.
The various community development programmes, boarding for children, Don Bosco Center for Career and Entrepreneurial Development, job placement and self-employment programmes are geared towards achieving the above mentioned goal.
Don Bosco Hospet also collaborates with the Government and other like-minded groups and individuals to make people agents of their own development and social transformation.

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Don Bosco
Jambunatha Road
Hospet – 583201

(08394) 265161 (House)
(08394) 266061 (DBPA)
(08394) 265207 (DBCSA)
(08394) 265081 (Childline)

House : dbhospet@yahoo.com
Tech : dbhospet@gmail.com
DBCSA : tarunidonbosco@gmail.com


Don Bosco Snehalaya
Bosco Nagar
Near National High School
Harihara Road
Hospet – 583201

(0) 8792921098

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