Deodurga FloodsDeodurga after the heavy showers of September and October is still reeling under its shock. The damage has been immense but I shall share a little of it. There was continuous rain for more that two weeks. Deodurga has not seen such continuous rain any time before. The villagers from the banks of river Krishna fled the place and came to Deodurga too. Most of the schools and Government buildings were filled with people. There were about hundred people remaining in our school too. The Government Administration provided food for them. They spent about two days away from their homes. Some of them even brought their sheep too. Many villagers could not sleep in their homes because they were leaking. They slept in the village schools or other better buildings.

 The District of Raichur is situated between two big rivers which are most of the time dry. But in the rainy season they overflow once or twice doing lot of havoc to the people on the bank of the rivers. This time almost all the people of the district were in trouble because of the continuous rain.  Most of the houses (in the villages) in this area are built with mud and granite stones. Since the area gets very little rain things were alright. Persisting rain can drench the whole ceiling and the walls and since the granite stones are heavy the walls built in mud give way and the house collapses. Most of those which withstand will be leaking because the roof is built with wood and mud. They build their houses in this way because they can not afford to buy cement and bricks or even the asbestos sheets. These poverty stricken villagers do farming during the rainy season and migrate to cities during other seasons. They and their children are illiterate too.

 At Don Bosco, we try to be an agent of change mainly through education especially to the young ones. It has made an impact on the lives of the some families of villages in the Taluk of Deodurga. We have 93 boarders. Most of them are studying in our school which caters to about 435 children of Deodurga taluk at present. We have reached up to class VIII. The children from the higher classes are sent to good private schools of Deodurga. We have 21 youngsters doing their higher studies in different parts of Karnataka. Their education taxes us very much because of the boarding fee. A few of our young people are now employed in different parts of Karnataka. There is now a big change from the beginning of this venture when we had to coax parents to send their children to school.  It is very heartening now to see that a number of people flock to Don Bosco for admissions

 The following are some of the photos that we have taken.

 Fr Jolly Kavilaveettil SDB

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