Don Bosco College, Aluva, conducted a debate on the topic, “India’s exorbitant spending on space programmes spells ruin for the teeming millions who are indigent.” The debate drew participation from seven colleges that included secular and ecclesiastical institutions. The colleges were: St. Joseph’s Pontifical Seminary, Mangalapuzha; Little Flower Philosophy College, Aluva; St. Joseph’s Pontifical Seminary, Carmelgiri; Sacred Heart Philosophy College, Aluva; Don Bosco College, Aluva; St. Xavier’s College for Women; and U.C. College, Aluva. There were fourteen constructive speakers who forcefully debated on the topic. The programme was graced with the presence of three illustrious judges: Dr. Shajahan, Director, Jeevas institute of Visual communications; Mr. Thomas Varghese, Principal, Mahilalayam School, Aluva; and Lt. Gen. Girish (Retd.), Executive Director, DLF.

The debate was very well organized by both Rev. Dr. Alex Kalathikattil, Rector of Don Bosco, and Fr. Previnth Joe Tony, Principal of Don Bosco College. Fr. Binu Scaria, moderated the debate. It consisted of well-articulated and delivered constructive speeches, a heated and vivacious floor debate, stirring rebuttal speeches. Those who were against the motion presented the development and progress that India has achieved, with the help of space technology. Those for the motion exposed the stark realities of millions of Indians who are indigent, who still find difficult to eke out an existence for themselves. Those who were against the motion carried the day. Kurisinkal Edwin of Don Bosco College was adjudged the best speaker and Don Bosco College was acclaimed the best college team.

More than 130 students and staff from the seven colleges took part in the annual event. It was indeed a rewarding experience for all who participated. Aluva DebateBr. Jaise Mundadan SDB

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