“A time to grow together, enjoy together, share and dare, compete and compliment, lead and be led, study and play, laugh and sing, dance and dialogue with each other – Bosco Summer Camp 2010.”
Over 130 children took part in the 40 day-long summer camp held at Maximilian Kolbe Church, Mangalam (Alappuzha). The camp, inaugurated on April 12, reached its culmination on May 22. Children were imparted classes on English, Hindi and Mathematics. The afternoon session of the camp included games, competitions, value education classes, etc. It was a moving sight to see the camp children beginning their day with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist everyday. The ideal of the camp was “Mangalam should develop through its upcoming generation.” All the participants took it to heart and strived for excellence in various fields. “Summer camp has worked wonders in my life. Now I have a reason to live, a goal to achieve and a bright future to look forward to”, exclaimed a participant after the closing ceremony of the camp. This camp has surely served its purpose of kindling in the hearts of young children a reason to live and a goal to achieve.

Bro Shajan Valavil SDB