In the second meeting for the brothers in practical training and college studies, 18 brothers participated. It was held at the Provincial House, Bangalore on August 07 & 08. The schedule of events was similar to that of the first meeting. Input sessions on Juvenile Justice Act, Human and Child Rights and Right to Education Act were given on the first day. The Provincial Team animated the brothers on Salesian Religious Life. The brothers drew up for themselves the following Action Plan in the light of the input sessions. Its implementation will be reviewed at the cluster meetings in October.
Action Plan: Positive Steps

1. To make personal effort to study the legislations on children and youth (JJ Act, RTE, Human and Child Rights).

2. To pay personal attention and offer positive reinforcement to children and youth (through encouragement, recognition, projecting role models in being and doing good, making children feel important).

3. To give children and youth more time for personal correction.

Action Plan: Negative Steps

1. To avoid abusive / harsh / humiliating words, labels and public criticism.
2. To avoid emotional outbursts.
3. To avoid comparison and partiality
4. To avoid punishments, especially physical.

Having reviewed and renewed their religious commitment, the brothers left ready to re-launch.