Kristu Jyoti Publications released seven new books on 7th June, 2010 on the occasion of the inauguration of the academic year 2010-2011 of Kristu Jyoti College, Bangalore. The books were released by the eminent professors and missionaries in the college and received by selected guests. Fr. Joy Kaipan S.D.B., the manager of Kristu Jyoti Publications, congratulated and thanked all the authors for their valuable contribution to the field of knowledge. The themes dealt in these new books are Liturgy, Youth ministry, Meditation, Mariology and Priesthood. It is laudable to note that the authors of most of these books are professors and students of Kristu Jyoti College itself. The details of the titles, authors and contents are as follows.

1. Handbook of the New Order of the Mass (Fr. Paul Puthanangady sdb)

The book titled Handbook of the New Order of the Mass, written by Fr. Paul Puthanangady S.D.B. contains the contents of the General Instruction of the Roman Missal, directives from the new edition of the General Introduction of the Lectionary, and the relevant guidelines given in the various Instructions from Rome. This handbook can be a very useful help for priests, religious, students of theology and lay people.

2. Apostolic Passion: “Give Me Souls” (Ed. Fr. Mathew Thekkekkara sdb)

Apostolic Passion: “Give Me Souls” originally written in Italian, whose translating editor is Fr. Mathew Thekkekkara S.D.B. is an excellent work of the Salesian Biblical Association (ABS). This book is an invitation to all, particularly the members of the Salesian family to be impelled by Don Bosco’s motto of saving souls and accompany the youth of today to become beacons of light for tomorrow.

3. Implantation of Salesian Charism in Asia (Ed. Fr. Mathew Kapplikunnel sdb)

The book titled Implantation of Salesian Charism in Asia, edited by Fr. Mathew Kapplikunnel S.D.B., who resides at the Salesian History Institute, Rome. This book is the result of the Salesian History Seminar organized for the East Asia – Oceania Region, held at Batulao, Manila. The present volume is a sign of the deep conviction that the onward missionary movement must be accompanied by a serious reflection and stocktaking of the path so far traversed.

4. Faithfulness of Christ, Faithfulness of Priests (Eds. Br. David and Br. Gabriel)

The book titled “Faithfulness of Christ, Faithfulness of Priests” consists of 17 articles written by learned professors and other ecclesiastical authorities of repute. The articles cover a lot of ground on the topic of priesthood, especially the intellectual, emotional and pastoral aspects of priestly life and ministry. The book is edited by Br. David Mariaselvam S.D.B. and Br. Gabriel Karunaraj S.D.B.

5. Meditation: A Way to God-experience & CD (Fr. Pius Palathingal S.D.B.)

Meditation: A Way to God-experience, written by Fr. Pius Palathingal S.D.B, speaks about the ancient art of repetitive meditative prayer as practiced and propagated by John Main, one of the contemporary spiritual masters, who taught this method of meditation to thousands of people during his life time. The book contains 8 chapters, and the CD, prepared along with the book, contains the original talks of John Main.

6. Scientific Methodology: Guidelines for the Writing of Assignments and Theses for the Students of Philosophy and Theology (Comp. Joy Kaipan S.D.B.)

Scientific Methodology: Guidelines for the Writing of Assignments and Theses for the Students of Philosophy and Theology is a book that contains guidelines on scientific methodology, prepared in order to help the students of philosophy and theology at various levels to write their assignments, term papers and theses in an efficient and consistent manner. For the most part, the present manual of methodology follows the universally accepted “Turabian style”. The book is compiled by Fr. Joy Kaippan S.D.B.

7. Mary Today: Fundamental Issues and New Directions in Mariology (Ed. Joy Kaipan S.D.B.)

Mary Today: Fundamental Issues and New Directions in Mariology is a volume which pays tribute to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The well-researched articles in this work deal mainly with topics connected with the Blessed Virgin Mary from the viewpoint of Scripture, Tradition, Theology and the day-to-day living out of the Marian spirituality. The book is edited by Fr. Joy Kaipan S.D.B.

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Dc. Antony Thekkedath SDB