As a follow up programme for the 100th International Women’s Day celebrations, Don Bosco, Chickpet (Bidar) successfully organized a workshop cum training programme for the women of the villages of Chickpet, Mamankheri, Shantinagar, Gavi Colony, Noudhigiri, Meeraganj, Duddapur and Benekenahally. 105 women registered in advance for the programme. The whole programme envisaged to bring together under one umbrella the women who are interested in the forming of sangas so that they could become a real power in the locality and in their villages.

The programme was realized in the following manner:
STEP 1: The whole event was prepared by the Social Team of Don Bosco, directed by Fr. Varghese and coordinated by Mr. Yesudas Kotte. The ground work included personal visit to all the sangas working in the villages around and also personal visits to the homes of most of the women in these villages.

STEP 2: As a prelude to the event a pamphlet was distributed in all the surrounding villages with a view to announce the event. One thousand pamphlets were distributed in the above villages. This did generate a very high positive response from the people.

STEP 3: The Workshop began with the lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries and a woman representative from the Sangas. The Chief Guest of the day was Mr. Harish Jogy, the District Project Director for the Child Labour Eradication Project, Bidar. In his inaugural address, he reminded the women of the power hidden in them to change the society especially through the families. We were blessed with the presence of Dr. Phatwardhan, the District Project Officer for the Child Labour Rehabilitation Project, Bidar.

The sessions were handled by two great experts in the area of Mahila Sanga coordination. They were Mr. Rajan and Mr Nagaraj, two Special Grievance Officers, DC’s Office, Bidar. The main theme of Mr. Rajan was the HOW OF THE WORKING OF SANGAS. He was able to make the women understand the real working of the Sangas and the power these could generate in solving various problems of the villages. Mr. Nagaraj focused his attention on the need to realize the power of women in understanding the various problems haunting their communities and the how of tackling these problems.

Through the ice breakers and singing Fr. Michael SDB was able to make the women of various villages know their names and other whereabouts. There was a surprise visit by Mrs. Himani Gupta, the wife of the DC of Bidar, to this workshop. She spent some time with the women in attending the training programme. The team of social workers efficiently managed the arrangements for the food and snacks for all participants.

The programme empowered the participants to see the immense possibilities awaiting them and to decide on the future course of action in order to become a recognizable entity in Bidar. They were able to realize that they should join together to fight against all the injustice done towards them.

Fr. Varghese Chakkala SDB