meetIt was with an attitude of ?let me see? combined with a sense of inspection that many of us did go out for the Brothers? Meeting held at our Provincial House on 11th and 12th July, 2009; ?a sense of inspection? as this was to be the maiden meeting organized for the brothers in Practical Training and those doing their studies by the new Provincial team (so to say) exuding with exuberance and vivacity in providing the best of opportunities to one and all in the province. I would be wrong if I do not also confess that these feelings were rather short-lived and even proved to be erroneous as the programme unfolded right in front of us with style marked by Salesian expertise. I believe this was the feeling of all the 21 of us from across the province.

Well, the first day began with a few introductory notes given by the Vice Provincial, Rev. Fr. Koonan Thomas, who also introduced Mrs. Edwina Pereira, who was to animate three sessions on Self-Development and Time Management. Her neo-psychological insight of striving to be unreasonable in soaring to the heights of creativity would, I believe, aid us to create ripples in our own communities as we go about fulfilling our assignments with ground-breaking ingenuity and genial originality. In short her presentation is praise-worthy, appreciable and in deed well appealing as it was collectively spaced out with spellbinding awareness games.

The evening session, animated by Fr. Koonan Thomas was one of refreshing our memories as to what the Constitutions and the Ratio demand of us at this stage of our formation marked with joyful living albeit the fragility of the Salesian vocation.

The second day witnessed the frontline confreres of the Province, I mean the Provincial, Vice Provincial and the Economer addressing us and very kindly jogging our memory to live our life modeled on Don Bosco who mirrored very vividly by his life the qualities envisaged by Jesus (in his dream at the age of nine).

As I share these few lines of my experience of this two day programme I very candidly see right before me the deep interest that our superiors have in our own formation assuring us all the while ?Do not be afraid; we are with you in all your pains and sorrows to wipe your tears?.

And what more as we trace our steps back to our communities, these cherished moments would carry us onward to deliver our very best in whatever we do (not vaguely but concretely).

As I end this note, I am overwhelmed with deep gratitude and sincere sentiments of appreciation for the actualization of this meeting and just eagerly look forward to be there the next time (year)?.