Holiness – A Gift Available to All
Influenced by his devotion to St. Francis de Sales, Don Bosco’s understanding of holiness is, ‘as a gift from the God which is available to all, no matter what their circumstances or age.’
In the Salesian tradition, holiness becomes a handing over of oneself in faith, hope and love to Jesus. It involves daily choices, a striving for a life that is lived with love, serenity, patience, and an acceptance of the trials and joys of each day, certain that in the eyes of God everything makes sense, everything is worthwhile, everything is important to him. Holiness is about the celebration of the human condition as loved by God. It has at its core a belief in the goodness of each person and his/her potential to act out of it. It is a call to charitable action and “to be completely what one is, but in the best possible way”.
Prayer for Mary Mazzarello and Don Bosco was a ‘dialogue with God’, rooted in the activities of their daily lives. Theirs was a humble, trusting, apostolic prayer, enlightened by the Word of God and nourished by the mysteries of their faith. Salesian prayer is simple, open to all, and speaks to life itself. It expresses a sense of celebration and seeks to involve the young in the joy of meeting Jesus through experiencing his Spirit.
Experiencing the power of prayer, make your prayer cards, we will remember you in our prayers.