The Don Bosco Young-at-Risk (YAR) Forum-India and the YAR commission of the Province of Bangalore is organising a three day National workshop on “Praying with Children in Multicultural contexts”.

This is an effort to bring together experts from Add an Imagevarious religions and those involved in settings for young-at-risk, youth centres and Educational settings (Salesians and collaborators) to address the experience of prayer with children in our settings. The aim is to reduce the separations that exist between the practice of religion and the upbringing of children. We review existing practices and intend to develop further the practice of children of various religions praying together in our various setting by evolving ways of praying together that are acceptable to all.

The manual that we would like to launch as a follow up of this initiative would be a handbook that would assist the care takers in children’s homes (Government run and NGO run) and schools to lead prayer sessions in the multicultural contexts.

Fr. Mathew Thomas SDB

Executive Director, YaR Forum India, New Delhi, INDIA