There has been a hue and cry from authentic corners about the laxity and lacuna with regard to efficient accompaniment for Church music, especially from the part of religious sisters in Kerala. With the availability of professionals ready at hand and a wide range of possibilities wide open, the Samanwaya Don Bosco has embarked onto a series of Crash courses for Church Singing, targeting religious congregations. The course consists of two months of residential training for the students, who at the end of two months, will learn to accompany with keyboard for the Church singing. The heavily laden course encompasses all areas of Church music and Special skills like Photography, Videography, Sound System management, Stage management, Sound modulation, Vocal Range Expansion, Spoken English, Creativity skills and much more. The vocal training encompasses both Karnatic and western streams. The participants are taught also a series of hymns and Bhajans in different languages. The purpose of the course is to empower the congregations to be self-sufficient with regard to all these essential requirements of the internal forum of the system.

The first of its series has already begun with 9 participants. They undergo training from 11th January to 10th March. The second batch begins on the 1st of April and will conclude on the 31st of May, 2017. There are already 12 students registered for the same.

It is here the rented house for their temporary stay really challenges all to give back more to the society than it has received. The rendering has so far been awesome. The limited infrastructure ties our hands tight from taking in more applications.

But Samanwaya, with its new initiative is, as always, at the service of the Church, just as Don Bosco always wanted. Rented or not rented, always with and for the Church.




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