Salesian FamilyThe Salesian Family Day celebrations of Kerala region were held on November 08 at Don Bosco, Vaduthala.  About 160 family members consisting of SDBs, FMAs, Co-operators, ADMA and Past Pupils took part. The participants were from the various Don Bosco and FMA Centers of Kerala. Rev. Fr. Binu Scaria SDB gave a start to the celebrations with ice breaking sessions at 09.30 a.m. The programme was inaugurated by Rev. Fr. K O Thomas, the vice-provincial of the province of Bangalore. In his key-note address, he presented the strenna of Rector Major for 2009 and for 2010.  He highlighted the figure of Don Rua as the most faithful son of Don Bosco, and indicated to the members how, imitating the example of Don Rua, they as faithful disciples and zealous apostles could bring the Gospel to the young. He reminded that we should love, study, imitate, invoke and make Don Bosco known. At 12:00 noon, there was a concelebrated Holy Eucharist presided over by Rev. Fr. Vice Provincial. After the fellowship meal, there was a group discussion regarding the situation of the present day youth and how we the members of the Salesian family, imitating Don Bosco, could help in communicating to them the Good News. There was a lively discussion in five groups and many practical and constructive suggestions were brought out. We have to form young people in spiritual and moral values by becoming models and mentors. It was also suggested that we should pray constantly to Our Lady and Don Bosco for young people and guide them against the evil influences that surround them. At 03:15 the various groups of the Salesian Family presented the report of the wonderful apostolate they are doing in their different centers. The programme was organized and guided by Rev. Fr. Thomas Vailatt, the Provincial Delegate for Salesian Family. The Salesian Family of Vaduthala unit helped to make the necessary arrangements for this great event.

The day was preceded by an animation programme for the members of the Salesian Family. About 100 persons participated in the programme which began at 02:30 p.m. on November 7th.  The resource person was Rev. Fr. Joyce Francis, the Rector and Novice Master of Don Bosco, Padivayal. He took a session on the topic, Return to Don Bosco. The talk was very thought provoking and impressive and it was followed by a group discussion as How to Return to Don Bosco in our day to day life situations.

 Bro. Sumon, SDB

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