Educating children is certainly a struggle and very demanding in the society today and yet it is the primary and the most important duty of parents and guardians. As usual the normal children have got into school this scholastic year too, but there are many children working in hazardous situations and school dropouts in our own surroundings. Don Bosco, Hospet wants to make a difference in this regard with the collaboration of the regular students. So together with regular school children, teachers, women sangha, parents, councilors of the area, and village animators etc Child Rights Rally was organized in and around Hospet Taluk for a week. The purpose of the rally was to give awareness to the parents and the public about the importance of compulsory education for children. The rally was conducted in the second week of July 2010 in various wards. Banners, placards, slogans, and songs with instruments added color to the rally. It was surprising to see people coming out of their houses and the public taking much interest to watch the rally. It was a collaborative venture of children, teachers, social workers and the public. 1415 children (765 boys and 650 girls), apart from teachers and the public, took active part in the rally. We are trying to see the outcome of this Child Rights Rally.
Fr KD Varghese SDB