Through these words, Luke sums up all the beautiful events of Bethlehem on the one hand, while at the same time projecting to the readers the quality of life of our Blessed Mother. This is a very relevant programme of life for any disciple: to reflect, ponder and store things up in the heart. She surrendered herself completely to the Will of God through her personal response. She manifests her response in various ways: total surrender (fiat), going out to serve her cousin Elizabeth (Visitation), and through praising God with a sense of gratitude (Magnificat). True Marian devotion is a matter of the heart. It builds in us an energy that makes us become committed to being a witness of the Gospel to the young. As consecrated persons who have publicly professed our discipleship we shall continue to grow into becoming enablers and animators who will continue to present to the young a life of honest and responsible citizenship and a life of good and deep religiosity as a meaningful pursuit in life.
We have situations in life in which we handle its inevitable sequences with active vigour and exactness for which the source of energy comes from something deeper, where one needs deep resources. Deep resources that will help us to have courage in moments of failures and disappointments together with the help that we get in order to accomplish our daily tasks with commitment and devotion to duty. For us, the inner source of energy is our faith experience. With faith in a personal God, we are never alone, never forsaken. In illness, in trouble, despair, never are we alone. Faith gives us help and guidance, comfort and peace. “They remained faithful to the teaching of the apostles to the brotherhood, to the breaking of bread and to prayers (Acts 2:42). This is the picture that Luke gives us of the early Christian community and this is the image we are to project to the world if we are to be witnesses of faith to the men and women of today. For us Our Blessed Mother stands as the first and ultimate disciple who in her abandonment and trust brings God into the lives of people. May our Marian devotion lead us to becoming better disciples who will instil in our own life the attitudes of Mary; faith, service and gratitude.

  1. August 20, 2017


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