I, Franko Yesudasan, aged 33, hail from Kollam, Kerala. My family includes my beloved parents and two sisters. My father is a businessman and my mother is a homemaker. Both of my sisters are married and are working in Kuwait as staff nurses. After my post-graduation, I also worked as a Research Assistant in the Kuwait University.
I am glad to share my vocational journey with you. Well, looking back down the memory lane of my life I feel blessed to have enjoyed a very happy childhood that was well provided by my Parents. I was never in a situation which demanded to shoulder great responsibility; a comfortable life so to say.

My spiritual life was rather lax. I was not a regular Churchgoer and managed never to attend a single catechism class. Priestly vocation and religious life were not even considered by me.

Yet many unanswered questions regarding our origin, life and death, the meaning of life always lingered in my mind without satisfactory answers and life went on.
While I was working in Kuwait, I happened to meet a Brethren Pastor, who introduced me to eternal life and importance of faith in Christ. He often invited me to his house and taught me scripture.

To be honest, till this time I never had read the Bible and hence I began to believe whatever he said.

The pastor also introduced me to the Gospel of St. John and asked me to read the entire gospel. Following his instruction, on my way to the office, I used to go to the Cathedral Church in Kuwait to read the Gospel of St. John. But I never managed to complete even a single chapter. Meanwhile, I also realised that the pastor was trying to make me a member of his group.

It was during this period, even though I lacked faith, I still prayed to God, to show me the true faith.

That same year a relative of mine who is a Capuchin Priest came to Kuwait to organise a Marian Feast. I thought it is the right time to have a dialogue with the Pastor, in the presence of this Priest. Having discussed the matter with the Priest, I invited the Pastor to dialogue. But he was not willing to meet the Priest. And interestingly, he never again called me too. Thus I came to understand that the pastor was not honest.

My life continued to move on without problems. Meanwhile, I was also receiving many marriage proposals.

That same year during my vacation I had the opportunity to attend a Retreat in Divine Centre. The Lord blessed me with the grace to read the Bible and I finished reading the entire Bible within a short period of time. During these days I had many doubts with regard to faith and my life. The Capuchin Priest was instrumental in clarifying these doubts to a certain extent. I also made my personal effort to clarify some question like why many are attracted to Islam; I also read some abstract writings on Koran. I also read Hindu Spirituality to know what Hindu Belief is all about.

During this time some unexpected and unbelievable incidents occurred in my life, which, due to personal reasons I refrain from sharing. This was the first time in my life I went through so much of mental agony. These incidents really helped me to think about the real meaning of life and come out of my own comfort zone, especially with the help of Scripture. From then on, I started to have a strong desire to dedicate my whole life for Christ.

I quit my job and returned home. During these days, I frequently consulted the Capuchin Priest and received guidance. It took me nearly three months to discern my vocation in prayer and opt to join the Salesian Congregation.

Even though my parents were not happy with my decision I stood firm.

Deep down I felt that the Lord is calling me to dedicate my whole life to His service.

Today I still live this way of life because of my faith in the Resurrected Christ and hope in life after death. After learning more about Religious life in the novitiate I realise that the process of discernment carried out with the help of the Capuchin Priest is right. I have personally come to know that religious life is the best way for me to live my life in union with the Lord.
God Bless!

  1. December 12, 2017

    Look my vocation call

  2. December 12, 2017

    Dear father ,Iam 28 years old.completed my plus two and 3 year diploma in textile technology.Now working on kitex limitted last 6 years as production supervisor.Now family looking for my marriage but iam interested to work for god as a Salecian preist.

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