When we consider the devotions of Don Bosco  we  normally  think  of  the three devotions that he promoted: devotion to the Holy Eucharist, our Blessed Mother and the Pope.  Undoubtedly these are the three main devotions that he propagated.  But there were also other devotions close to  the  heart  of  Don  Bosco.    One  such devotion  was  the  devotion  to  the  Mercy of God.  He considered God as the God of Mercy and constantly encouraged people, especially sinners, to have recourse to the mercy of God.

The God of Mercy

The God of Mercy Don  Bosco  thought  of  God  mostly as  Creator,  Judge  and  as  a  loving  and merciful  Father.  Of  these,  the  image of  God  that  dominates  Don  Bosco’s  life is  that  of  a  loving  and  merciful  Father.  Having studied Don Bosco’s thoughts on God  Fr.  Stella  says  that  for  Don  Bosco, “God is a merciful and provident Father, ‘our  compassionate  Father  in  heaven.’”Fr.  Joseph  Aubry  points  out  that  while in  the  earlier  editions  of  the Companion of  Youth  Don  Bosco  spoke  of  God mostly as Creator and Judge in the 1863 edition he made a significant addition, namely that God is  “the loving Father.” Fr. Aldo Giraudo notes that “at the heart of Don Bosco’s spirituality is the thought of God, a merciful and provident Father, his aving activity reaching out in tender love to  every  human  being.    He  unceasingly invites  man  to  respond  to  his  love  and enter into communion with him.”  In the retreat that he preached at Lanzo in 1876 Don Bosco concluded exhortation to the Salesians to be assiduous in observing the  rules  by  saying  that  the  Lord  would keep his promises as he “is full of kindness and  mercy  and  will  give  us  much  more than we could ever dream of.”  Don Bosco would  reassure  hardened  sinners  who feared whether God would forgive them by  saying:  “God  is  good  and  merciful, my friend.  A single act of love can wipe away any sin.”

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