Bishops Visit DB ChitradurgaDecember 13, 2009 was a special day in the lives of the migrant youth, in and around Chitradurga.   They felt the pastoral care of Rt. Rev Jerald Isaac Lobo (the local Bishop), and Mar Joseph Erumachadathu (Bishop of Badravathi).  The visit of these prelates was an expression of their concern for these youngsters who are far from their own families, culture and tradition.

 The Bishops were given an arousing welcome in the traditional manner, using the thaalams.  Mar Erumachadathu celebrated the solemn Holy Eucharist. “Since in Jesus’ time the inns were filled with other people they could give him place only in the cattle shed, so we should not fill our lives with other things and people so that we cannot give place for Christ,” reminded the bishop in his homily.

 After the Mass both bishops were felicitated by the student community and the members of the Jesus Youth.  “We don’t consider you outsiders; you are an integral part of our community,” assured Bishop Jerald Isaac Lobo.  He also expressed his desire to have more occasions of this sort.  The students also presented a few carols.  The programme concluded with the pontifical blessing by the bishops.

 Bro Jomy P, SDB