The Community of Don Bosco, Chitradurga rejoiced with Fr CM Jose as he thanked God on November 6, 2010 for the Silver Years of Grace as priest of God and of His people. Rt. Rev Gerald Isaac Lobo (Bishop of Shimoga Diocese) presided over the auspicious occasion in the presence of Mr Thippa Reddy (MLC of Chitradurga). The solemn jubilee Eucharist was presided over by the jubilarian together with his brother Fr Chacko IMS and Fr CM Varghese SDB. Fathers and Sisters gathered in hundreds to congratulate, to pray and to share the joy of silver years. An angelic choir by Salesians Cooperators sang hymns composed by Salesians like Fathers Jude Anand, CP Varghese, Henry and Br. Uday, making every one experience another Ordination Day.

“Fr Jose, a man with a vision and mission, is a person who dares to take risk,” said the Bishop as he felicitated and thanked Fr Jose for accepting to be the Dean of the Chitradurga and for all the services he renders to the diocese. Fr John Kannath sdb (Former Rector), Fr Pius (Companion and Former Principal) and Mr Baby Mathew (Brother of Fr Jose) revealed to the audience who Fr Jose was in their experience. Prayer dance by the children from Child Labour Centre stole the hearts of everyone. Different cultural programmes by different Departments of Don Bosco institutions were a feast to the eyes.

The presence of a big number of people spoke volumes about the impact Fr Jose had on them. Though so many achievements were enumerated in the felicitation speeches, Fr Jose humbly attributed all to the Salesian Congregation and to Don Bosco. “All what I was able to achieve in my life as priest was because of confreres and generous friends” said Fr Jose with sentiments of gratitude to all. The presence of his beloved parents and family members made the function very meaningful and more joyous. “My parents gave me life and the Salesian congregation gave me all the rest,” was the emotional note of the jubilarian.

The well-arranged programme and the sumptuous meal made it a day of Jubilation for all.

Fr Anil D’Sa SDB