The summer camp of Don Bosco Youth Centre, Vaduthala for the neighbourhood, began on the 21st of April at 09:30 with the inaugural ceremony presided over by Rev. Fr. Sebastian Ottaplackal SDB. In his inaugural address Father wished all the campers a good experience of learning. After the inauguration Rev. Br. Jince Kallanickal conducted a session on leadership. It was followed by group division and ice breakers in the afternoon. Brs. Josh, Rajesh, Joby and Sumon led the same.

On the next day the main theme was presented by Rev. Fr. Binu Scaria SDB on the topic “I am Special”. Various party games were organized by the brothers on that day during the afternoon session. On the 24th the morning session was led by Shri. Francis Shiby, CI of the Traffic Department on the topic Traffic Rules and Regulations. It was indeed a very interesting class and was appreciated very much. In the after noon there was a game “Day War” organized by the brothers. ON 26th the session was led by Rev. Fr. Sijo, the assistant parish priest of St. Antony’s church, Vaduthala on the topic “Good Study Habits”. Various value games and group activities were conducted by the brothers in the afternoon. On 27th April a Roller skating class was taken by Mr. Rajesh. His fast skating skills really amazed the children and gave them all a boost to try their chance in the same. There was Kerala Tour- a game organized in the afternoon. On the 28th the session was on Household Management led by Mrs. Geltrude. In the afternoon there was a session on Arts and Crafts to teach children how to make various flowers and crafts. This was joined venture of Mrs. Nishamol and Br. Sumon. On 29th Rev. Fr. Joffie addressed the children about Bosco Youth Group and various youth oriented topics. A cultural fest was organized in the afternoon. On 30th the session was led by Rev. Fr. Raju Chakkanattu and in the afternoon there was the evaluation and concluding sessions on the camp which was led by Br. Sumon. On the 1st of May, a picnic was organized for the by campers to Dream World. Children enjoyed their day out and were really happy. In the evening all the children were gathered there in the Park and the prizes were distributed. We reached back by 06:30pm.

In the Flames’10 there were around 120 participants. Though there were around 30 children who wanted to join the camp during its course, the entry was limited. Brs. Rajesh, Joby and Sumon were present for the camp right from the beginning till the end and we also had the services of Brs. Josh and Jince. The camp was real success and thrilling one.


Ablaze 2010, the summer camp of Don Bosco Senior Secondary school, Vaduthala was conducted from May 11- 21. The camp was organized for the weaker students of classes V, VI & VII. There were around 100 participants belonging to these three classes. Everyday the camp began 09:00 am with the assembly led by the students and helped out by the brothers. After the assembly there were classes organized for Communicative English, English Grammar and Mathematics. These classes were taken by the brothers and one of the staff members of the school. In the afternoon various value games, group activities, value based sessions, workshops and entertainment programmes were organized by the brothers. The camp was concluded on the 21st with closing ceremony presided over by Rev. Fr. Babu Manissery SDB. Prizes were distributed to children who made remarkable performances during the camp.
Bro Jince SDB