Riding on the success of the camp in April, Don Bosco Vaduthala had the second session of its summer camp from the 5th to the 25th of May. Around 810 students participated in the different training sessions organized which included swimming, keyboard, guitar, dance, football, badminton, skating, softskill, C++, Robotics, Java, Chess, Cricket, Drawing, Arts and Crafts, Karate, Kalari and the like. The camp was brimming over with life and energy from 7.00 in the morning till 9.00 in the evening. The highest takers were obviously for swimming. It was a pleasant sight to witness the tiny tots gaining knowledge in one field or the other. Well-qualified trainers and professional coaching gained rave reviews from the students as well as the parents. As the icing on the pudding, the cream of the camp was the competitions conducted for various items on the 26th of May. The day witnessed healthy competitive spirit and youthful vitality that gave a fitting conclusion to the summer camp 2017. Kudos to Fr. Josh Kanjooparambil and all the other fathers and brothers who made it a memorable and a successful one.

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