The new priests of the Province were given Training on Administration at Don BoscoVaduthalaon 2nd and 3rd May 2017. The training programme started at 10 am on 1st May. After the prayer Fr. Paulson, Rector of DB Vaduthalawelcomed the trainees. It was followed by a graphic representation of the province of Bangalore by Fr. George P.S., the Economer of the Province, which gave a comprehensive picture of the province and the roles and responsibilities of the Administrators.The first session ended with drawing up the objectives for the two days training program. The second session primarily was to familiarise with the existing accouting practises of the province and the need for taking extreme care while dealing with matters related to administration.

After the lunch break there was a long session on School administration touching upon various aspects of School administrative matters by Fr. Martin Kuruvanmakal, the Coordinator of the Provincial commission for Schools. Fr. Martin began with different types of schools that we have in the province and dealt on areas like school fees, management of the office staff. He concluded the session with stressing the importance of the active presence of the administrator in providing an apt environment for the students that study in our schools for their integral growth and development. After tea there was a session on matters relating to banking and the ways of transferring the money and the precautionary measures to be taken while dealing with the banks and making transfers. The day ended with the Holy Eucharist at 7am.

The second day ‘s programme began with session on statutory compliances such as Society Registration, FCRA, PAN, Land and Property Documents and the periodical renewal of the same. This was followed by a session on the accounting software AcMe ERP by Mr.Salu the accountant of Economer’s office. From entry of Voucher up to report generation was explained to the participants with the help of the PowerPoint. There was sufficient time for clarification as well. This software has provision for online support and doubts while entering the data can be easily sorted out through the use of Team Viewer.

The last session was on the roles and the responsibilities of an administrator in a Salesian setting in the present era with new demands from various sectors and confreres. Though the demands can be unending and may cause inconveniences, the accurate and committed steps towards the fulfilment of the same can make the life of the community smoother leading to achieving the aims and objectives of the community. In this way unnecessary penalties and fines can be controlled and wastage of materials and resources minimised.

The training program ended with vote of thanks proposed by Fr. Augustine. Eight New Priests were present for the meeting

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