Vibrant 2010 is the youth fest organized by Don Bosco Youth Centre, Vaduthala for all its members. A variety of programmes is organized by the DBYC during the year and the youth fest is one of them. The members are divided into four teams, namely, Blue, Green, Red and Yellow. There were competitions in singing, dancing, acting, drawing, painting, marathon, basketball, volleyball, football, cricket, squire ball, table tennis, shuttle badminton, cards, chess, story writing, poem writing, poem recitation, essay writing, etc. It was very edifying to see that even the sub juniors, below 14 years of age, participate in the marathon and complete 5 kilometers with full enthusiasm. Vibrant 2010 was inaugurated on May 25. The members participated in the competitions with true team spirit. It was a good opportunity to bring out the talents of the youngsters. Individual as well as group prizes were given to the winners at the conclusion of Youth Fest 2010. The Green team turned out to be the winner of Vibrant 2010.
Bro Joby C